Frequently Asked Questions

"What is your delivery schedule like?"

Sunday: 4PM - 7PM

Monday: 8AM - 11AM

Sunday/Monday delivery - Mon lunch to Fri dinner

"What is the cut-off for orders?"

Before Wednesdays, 12 Noon!

"How does your bentos arrive?"

Our bentos are freshly prepared and chilled on the day itself before being vacuum packed and delivered to your door.

"How long can I store the bentos and how?"

They can all be kept for up to 5 days in the fridge, or 10 days in the freezer as long as the seal is not broken. If broken, it should be consumed as soon as possible. It is best kept between 2-4 degrees in the fridge. If frozen, please thaw before microwaving.

"What are the options for heating up the meals?"

The bentos can be consumed without heating up. If you prefer it hot, the best would be to microwave. Do note that the black box is microwavable, however the clear plastic wrap is not. Do remove the plastic before microwaving. If you are using the oven or steaming the food, please remove contents from all packaging. 

"Why do the calories and macros vary?"

We are constantly improving on our recipe, and fine-tuning it to your feedback, therefore, the macros and calorie counts do change from time to time. However, do trust that our most up to date macros and calorie count will always be reflected on our website as it is the only way we can update immediately.